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Our Web Development Process

All of our projects follow a tried and tested road-map that defines the goals for each stage of development and ensures all project stakeholders can track progress, have appropriate levels of involvement and know what is expected of them at each milestone.

At each stage, deliverables will be presented either in person or digitally for review and access to development versions of the site are provided where appropriate.

This process is designed to take your project from concept to completion in the most efficient and effective way. Each stage must be completed and signed-off by the client before the commencement of the next one.

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1. Discovery

We identify and interpret your project objectives, agree goals, set timescales and get to know each other.


2. Design

We design how your website is going to look and function. We'll supply protoypes, sitemaps and visuals as appropriate to your project for review.


3. Development

This is the stage where we actually start coding and building your site. Designs come to life, your CMS is configured and your content is integrated into the new pages. We'll also provide you with access to a development preview server.


4. Testing

Our websites are thoroughly tested against all modern browsers and the most common mobile devices to ensure compatibility and optimal user experience. Our pre-launch checklist also includes optimising your site and content for search engines.


5. Launch

Once everything is thoroughly tested and you have signed off the development stage, we will make your site live at an agreed time. We'll take care of the hosting configuration and domain settings.


6. Support & Aftercare

Ongoing - we keep your site running smoothly and provide technical support to your team. We'll handle backups, software updates and uptime monitoring for you. This is also a good time to consider one of our marketing packages aimed at helping you to get more business from your site.


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