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Posted by Jonathan on August 29, 2018

As many businesses mature, they often find that their original website has become dated and generally unrepresentative of their business.

Getting it right first time

If we had a pound every time someone comes to us asking for support with their old website that is broken or to create a new one because their budget site does not look great and doesn’t generate business, we wouldn’t need to work anymore. OK slight exaggeration but you get the picture.

Sure all businesses need to have a new website periodically or have their existing one refreshed. It is not unusual for a business to change direction over time, they are likely to focus on different services or products to when they started out.

Technology is constantly evolving and web design trends change. In order to stay ahead of the competition you have to continually update your web presence. This is one area in business that is certain, your competitors won’t stand still and new ones will come along.

This means that many businesses may have already had one or more website iterations before they really ‘get it right’.

For a small or even young business, these attempts at creating a great website that truly represents their business, and most importantly, creates the interactions that will bring the desired outcomes, be it leads, sales, sign ups etc. can be costly in time, money and lost opportunity.

A larger organisation will spend large sums on the design and content of their website, it will fit with their strategic direction and hopefully consider all eventualities for the medium term. In most cases these days, sites will be built on a sophisticated content management system (CMS).

False economy

In contrast the sole trader or small business owner will be looking to contain their set up costs and will often ask a friend to build them a website or use an online site builder such as Squarespace or Go-Daddy. They may even take up the option of a website builder from a directory such as

The problem with these start-up routes is that they are easy to get started but almost certainly won't understand your business, (what us web design agencies commonly call 'discovery' ).

There are hidden costs associated with the 'friend' or 'diy' approach to be aware of. We often get approached by clients who can no longer access their website to update it because the guy who created it in their back bedroom has now got a proper job and doesn't create websites anymore.

Would you call a plumber to fix your electrics?

When it comes to the DIY approach, you should ask yourself the question, ‘would my time be better spent doing what I know best?’ If you are a tradesman you will know exactly what I’m talking about because you will have probably taken calls from people who have tried to do it themselves, be it electrics, plumbing or any other job that was not as easy as they thought it would be. In essence they will have paid twice, once to the DIY store and then to the professional to put it right.

So why wouldn't you invest in a professional website?

Many startups will buy smart new vehicles, get business cards and flyers printed, advertise in paid directories and local newspapers, yet they are happy to cut corners on a website that once created will likely not be found in search engines for the keywords they want to be found for and ultimately does nothing for their business. Why? - because everyone knows a ‘web designer’ and if not then just watch the tv ads telling you how simple it is to build your own.

After their very first website, Ashford Solutions Group decided to build their own on Squarespace (background image). Having created the site, they found that it was not generating any leads and despite spending money to promoting it using an online seo company, this was ineffectual and they decided that they needed to do something else and came to Warp Design to discuss the matter.

After getting to understand the client’s business, we carried out desktop research on competitor websites and relevant keywords and proposed a new website (foreground image) using our small business framework and built on processwire open source CMS which allows easy updates of content by the client.

Going forward we are working with Ashford Solutions Group to create case studies and social media posts as well as analysing their web traffic and monitoring search ranking against their competitors, to inform appropriate changes to the website content.

Would you buy the first car you see on the forecourt? - Probably not

There is a good chance that you would look at reviews on the web, ask your friends, and then go to a few different dealers. That is exactly what we recommend you do when considering a website project. Do your web research and speak with several web companies. The big online outfits will have pushy sales staff so don’t accept too hastily, go and speak to local web developers and compare the experience. Ask them questions about the platform your website would be built on and how easy it is to update the content, get a feel for the people and think are they interested in my business? Are they driven by the results that they deliver for their clients? There is much more to ask, not least do I actually need a website at this moment or is social media more suitable……..and finally when it comes to the price……..negotiate and see if there are ways to stage the payment or the project. You will know when you have found the right partner !

If your website is broken, forms don’t work, or you simply need help with updating the content , get in touch for a chat. There is no cost to you and no-obligation. Give us a call on 01233 884761 or drop a line to


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